The Hammer

A biomimicry project. Inspired by the Great Hornbill.

My task was to design a tool by using a method called biomimicry. This method is all about taking inspiration from nature and implementing it in a product. I chose to work with a special bird species that I have seen in India. It is called the great Hornbill. This species is totally unique due to the massive horn on top of the head. They use this horn to fight with. The characteristics that I have been focusing on are the neck and head, including the horn. These characteristics create an interesting surface where soft shapes and pointy edges meet in different division lines. The beak has an interesting force facing one direction and the horn has a concavity that I wanted to explore further.

This picture shows the abstraction of the Great Hornbill that I chose to go with. This abstraction is meant to help me to discover the birds characteristics and complexity and be my reference during the design process. It is an organic and an asymmetric clay model.

My final product is a detailed and solid hammer with structures and surfaces linked to the Great Hornbill.