Think outside the box

An art exhibition available at Konstfack in Stockholm during April 2019.

This artwork represents how it feels to fit in the box that society has created. There are standards, norms and social structures in our modern society that are created by us that unfortunately can be excluding in some cases. This exhibition was made to enlighten that using perspective and the spectators length.

I wanted to display this exclusion in an interactive form that imitates the spectators way of seeing the world. I made the installation at the height of a standard Swedish man and placed footsteps on the ground for the spectator to stand on. The experiment was measured after a normal functional man to look straight forward at the extruded pyramid, and if the spectator fulfilled the right height he or she would only see a white box since they ”fit inside the box”. But as soon as a spectator was too tall, too short or in a wheelchair he or she could not perceive that box. Instead, the artwork would take another form and become more complex. This complexity became a symbol for the inequalities in this world.