Internship: Living Concept

Modern, Intelligent & Sustainable 

During September 2020 I had the opportunity to work together with a Swedish start-up business in Stockholm. Living Concept aims to provide sustainable and affordable rental apartments and redesigning our thinking of living. Together with a multi-awarded international architect this company has the potential to have a great impact on the real estate market in the near future.

My task was to collaborate directly with their design manager and develop products and concepts for them with high value and great profitability. By focusing on Living Concepts keywords (Modern, Intelligent and Sustainable) I aimed to strengthen the connection between tenant and home and create products that affect our way of living. The final outcome is a door handle for each building’s front doors. This became my main focus and where I invested the majority of my time as an intern. 

My mission with the door handle was to create a product with high performance and with sustainability in mind. A door handle is also the first impression or contact between a new tenant and their new home. It was therefore important to me to design a product that could represent Living Concept and their brand identity. I wanted to design a handle that connects the tenant with the building and gives them a good first impression of Living Concept and their new home.

Instead of doing a complicated handle with futuristic details I remained timeless in my design to respect the surroundings and context of where this handle was going to be situated. By giving it a timeless expression I could know that this is a product that will last as long as the building itself and never will need an upgrade. This was therefore the most environmentally friendly and sustainable option. To further improve its environmental impact I challenged myself to make a solid handle. This meant that I wanted to avoid loose or moving parts so that repairing or replacing wouldn’t be necessary. The result is a strong and bold handle that also communicates the values of Living Concept.

I also worked on some other really interesting concepts but unfortunately I can not showcase more than this due to company policy.

I am thrilled to say that my design of door handles will be manufactured in the near future and thereby become a signature for Living Concept. It is a great honor to have created something that will be the first physical encounter between a tenant and their future home.