Fika: Tea Machine

A redesigned way of brewing tea. 

A cup of tea often contains billions of micro and nano plastics that impact our environment and destroy ecosystems in the oceans. Another issue is the single use products and the waste of water and resources it demands. This, together with other problems, have a negative impact on everyone’s global footprint. My mission was therefore to redesign our way of brewing tea so that the total outcome would generate a much lower global footprint. I decided to call this project ”Fika” which is a Swedish word for ”cake break” or simply enjoying something to drink. This word is therefore both associated with Electrolux’s heritage in Sweden as well as drinking tea.

By studying different solutions and ways of making tea I wanted to find out how to make the perfect cup of tea from a circular perspective. A key requirement was to make the product designed for disassembly. My final proposal is a tea machine that is “happy on the inside”. Its components are visible and accessible, making it easy to repair.

The tea machine is made from virgin materials that are 100% recyclable. A robust yet elegant product made to shine and endure. Together with an educational application the user can keep track and improve their global footprint and inspire others to do the same.